A to Z Abbreviations & Glossary
+P  High pressure loaded (small caliber)
AMRAAM Advance Medium Range Air-Air Missile
Angström 10-10 Meter
ACP   Automatic Colt Pistol
Action  Small caliber developed by Dynamit Nobel, a plastic  forms the tip of the bullet,
  for loading purpose, it is ejected at firing.
AD Anti disturbance
AGM Air Ground Missile
AGS LRLAP Advance Gun System Long Range Land Attack Projectile
AHEAD 35 x 228mm  with 152 heavy metal sub-projectiles
Alphabet   Arabic            Cyrillic
Amatol     AT , Ammonium nitrate + TNT . Color : brown sugar
Arcane   Pure copper conical metal piercing bullet. High velocity (Small caliber)
ATACMS  Army Tactical Missile System
Atropine  Alkaloide from atropa belladona inhibited the action of nerve agents
Balistite  Grenade Launcher propellant
BB  Base Bleed (Large Calibers)
BD  Base Detonating (Fuse)
BD  Base Detonating Self Destruction (Fuze)
BE  Base Ejection
BK  Broneboinyi Kumulyativnyi (Armour piercing cumulative – HEAT)
Black powder   74% potassium nitrate + 15,5 % charcoal + 10,5 % sulfur
  72% sodium nitrate + 16 % charcoal + 12 % sulfur
  Substitute : Benite , Eimite, Boron Potasium Nitrate,
  Mox 2B, ПОРОХОВОЙ (porojovoi)
BM Broneboinyi M ? (Moschnvi Increased power)
BMP Boyeveya Mashina Pekhota (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)
BST Ballistic silver tip (small caliber) Polycarbonate tip (rapid expansion)
Buckshot Copper plated shot (shotgun)
CBX  German profile ammunition (Small caliber)
CBXX Swiss profile ammunition (Small caliber)
CCC Combustible Cartridge Case
Cd  Candelas = 1/60 of the intensity of one square centimeter of
                         a black  corp at  platinum solidification  temperature
Centerfire  Primer in the center of the case
CEPP Controlled Effect Police Projectile (small caliber)
Chemical Click for details
CLP (weapon) Cleaner, Lubricant and Preservative
CN  Chloroacetophenone
Comp A  Explosive 91% RDX + 9% beeswax (comp A2 – CompA3) used as filler
Comp B  Explosive 60% RDX + 39 % TNT + 1% desensitizer
  color : Dirty White or brownish yellow.
  Used as filler in Bombs and shells
Conversion table convert-me
CS Chlorobenzylledenmacononitrile
C/S   Cocked spring
DB  Dinitrobenzol
Delay    Chemical used in some fuzes
Det cord  Detonating cord (22000 ft/sec)
DPCIM Dual Purpose Improved Conventional Munition
DU  Depleted Uranium (U238)
  Rounds using DU : 20mm Phallanx
                                        25mm – M935 A2, PGU20
                                        30mm – PGU14B
                                        90mm –
                                      105mm – OFL 105 F2
                                     115 mm – 3UBM13
                                     120 mm – L26 & L27 CHARM 3, M774, M803, M829 A1/A2/A3, M900, OFL120F2
                                     125mm – 3BK31M (HEAT), 3BM32 (APFSDS)
Duralumin Alloy of aluminum and copper, magnesium, manganese and in very small quantities iron and
  silicon; corrosion resistant.
EFMJ  Expanded full metal jacket (SAA)
EMR Electro Magnetic radiation (ex : RF)
ER   Extended Range (Large caliber)
Explosives Initiating, Booster & Bursting
Initiator & Primer
Russian & CIS
F4  Formex (6800 m/s)  Pentrite 89 % + Gum 11 %
FAB  Fugasnaya (HE) Aerial Bomb
FB Flat Base (Large caliber)
FC Full Caliber
Flash Reducer Used with propellant, usually potassium nitrate or potassium sulfate
FMJ   Full Metal Jacket (small caliber)
FMJ BT Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (small caliber)
FMJ LD  Full Metal Jacket Lead Free (small caliber)
FS          Fail Safe (small caliber) Lead core protected by steel (deep penetration)
G   Hexogen
Gases  Click to see panel
Glaser Blue Plastic tip compressed lead core (small caliber)
GMLRS Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System
Grain (gr) 100 gr = 6,48 grams
Graze    Type of fuze where the detonator is projected on the striker on impact
H Mantle Small caliber projectile divided in 2 parts, the first part will form the mushroom
HAP  Homogeneous Armor Plate
Hazard Class   International classification of dangerous goods.
  There are 9 classes  and ammunition is in class  1.
Hazard division Hazard class 1 is divided in 6 divisions.
HB    Hollow base (large caliber)
HE        High Explosive
HEAD High explosive Air Defence
HEAP High explosive Anti-Personnel
HE/AP High explosive Armoured Piercing
HEAT  High explosive Anti Tank
HEDP High explosive Dual Purpose
HEER  High explosive Extended Range
HEI High explosive Incendiary
HEI-T High explosive Incendiary Tracer
HEOM High explosive OTO munition
HEP High explosive Plastic
HES High explosive Spotting
HESD  High explosive Self Destruction
HESH  High explosive Squash Head
HESRTP-T High explosive Short Range Target Practice tracer
Hexogen Cyclonite, RDX  (8200 – 8500 m/s)
Hexolite  Hexogene + Tolite (60/40) 7800 m/s
Hc Hexachlorethane (Aluminium in grain + zinc oxyde) White / grey smoke
HP  Hollow Point (small caliber) immediate energy release
HSA     High safety ammunition (7 flechettes anti armoured jacket)
HSP  Hollow soft point (small caliber) progressive energy release
Hydra Shok Hollow point (SAA) expansion , penetration, energy transfer, accuracy
IE Insensitive Explosive (DPX), HE rounds
IM  Insensitive Munition (40 mm APFSDST-IM Bofors, 127 mm, 120 mm)
IR flares Flares that emit an Infra Red Light
IRFNA    Inhibited red fuming nitric acid
JHP Jacket hollow point (small caliber) controlled expansion
JSP Jacket Soft Point (small caliber) controlled expansion
KDNBF Explosive – Barium styphnate and potassium dinitrobenzofuxorane
Kopf      Anti ricochet ring (USSR FAB bombs)
LINK Connection between cartridge for gun or machine gun
Link M9 12,7 x 99 mm connector for belt for M2 machine gun
Link M13    7,62 x 51 mm connector for belt
Link M15A1 12,7 x 99mm connector for belt for M85 machine gun
Link M27   5,56 x 45 mm connector for belt
LRN Lead Round Nose (small caliber)
LSWC  Lead semi-wad cutter (small caliber) accuracy excellent, lubricated, clean target signature
Lucky  See piezoelectric
LUX  Unit of illumination, = one Lumen per square meter or illumination a surface uniformly
  at one meter distance from a point source of one candle
LWC   Lead Wad Cutter (small caliber) match grade accuracy
M Picric acid
M Mustard gas
M19A1    Small Arm metallic container Size : L – 26,0cm, l – 9,1 cm, H – 17,5 cm
M2A1    Small Arm metallic container Size : L – 28,3cm, l – 14,3 cm, H – 17,5 cm
MAG Magnetic fuze
Marking Coding and Marking
MER    Maximum effective range ( greater distance to inflict casualty)
MERHE  Mortar Extended Range High Explosive
Micron 10-6 Meter
MGU Mid course Guidance Unit ( missiles )
MOFA    Multi-Option Fuze for Artillery
MOLOTOV Cocktail Bottle filled with an incendiary mixture usually Naphtha, benzine and Palmitic acid.
MP Metal piercing (for steel but not armored plate)
MP  Multipurpose ammunition (Explosive + incendiary)
MT Mechanical time (Fuze)
MTSQ Mechanical Time & super quick  (Fuze)
MVT  Proximity fuze sensitive to movement
NAPALM Flamable mixture used mainly in bombs and flame thrower (Naphtha – Palmitate)
Niclad  SAA lead safe for shooting range
Nitro cellulose  Propellant
Non persistent War gas normally effective for 10 min maxi
NSB   Near the Surface Burst (Mortar fuze)
Octogen HMX   ( DS – 91500 m/s)
Octol   HMX + TNT
Okfol HMX + wax 5 %
Oxidizer   Liquid mixed with a fuel to create a rocket or missile propellant
Pasivnaya Passive
PAZ Protivoatomnaya Zashchita, NBC Protection
PD Point detonating (Fuze)
Pentrite Explosive 5500 to 8300 m/s
PEP Positive expanding point (small caliber) for 25-06 load only (hollow point)
PETN Explosive Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate
Plasticized explosive ( 7200 m/s)  Pentrite 87 % + Oil or Gum 13 %
PG   Partition gold (small caliber) 2 cores separated by a thick partition increase velocity,
                      reduce fragmentation
PiBd Point initiating, base detonating (Fuze)
Piezo electric Electricity generator produce by pressure on a quartz (Lucky)
PP Power point (small caliber) normal bullet
PPI Armoured piercing steel body in a not discarding sabot
PRF   Plug Representing Fuze
Propellant Click for More
Prox Proximity (Fuze)
PRPA  Projectile raye a propulsion additionnelle (Pre-engraved projectile with additional charges)
PSP Point soft point, special soft lead point ( rapid expansion after impact)
PTTF   Powder Train Time (Fuze)
PWP Plasticized White Phosphorus
RA  Rocket Assist (Large caliber)
Raketa vozdukh-activnaya Export air to air missile active  for export
Radiation Energy emitted by radioactive substance
RDX Explosive – Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine. Color : White
  Other names : cyclonite, hexogen, T4.
  Used as booster or bursting charge.
RE   Radar Echo used for wind finding & jamming
RGD Ruchnaya Granata Degtyareva
URG Univerzalni Rucni Granat
RHA Rolled Homogeneous Armor
Rimfire  .22 caliber, the priming powder is located in the rim
RP  Red Phosphorus smoke  & incendiary side effect, must be initiated by a  burning source
RP  Ruchnoi Pulemyot   (Machine gun)
RPG    Ruchnaya Protivotankovaya Granata      Hand Grenade antitank
RPK      Ruchnoi Pulemyot  Kalashnikov SACLOS     Semi Automatic Command to Line of Sight (A/T missile
  guidance system   in which the firer keep his sight on the point of aim & the missile is automatically guided into
  the sight line by sensor & electric circuit in the firing post (2nd generation system).
Safety fuze Textile tube filled with Black powder,
  burning speed for 1 m –  90 to 130 sec
Sh   Shneiderite (Ammonium nitrate  88 % + Dinitronaphtalene 22 %)
Seismic  Wave produced by ground vibrations
Sh  Parachute retarded (USSR Bomb -after bomb weight)
SJFN  Semi Jacketed Flat Nose (small caliber)
SJHP   Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (small caliber)
SL Stream line synonym of Boat tail
SLAM Standoff Land Attack Missile
SLAP  Sabot Light Armor Piercing (small caliber)
  Selectable Lightweight Attack Ammunition (Mines)
SP          Soft point (small caliber)
SPORTS  (Weapon M16 immediate action when weapon stop, applied once) Slap, Pull, Observe, Release,
  Tap and Shoot
ST Silver tip (small caliber) aluminum tip (deep penetration)
ST HP Silver tip hollow point (small caliber)
Storage compatibility group 13 groups defined to store ammunitions together. From letter A to H, J, K, L, N and S.
SWC  Semi wad cutter (small caliber) conical front, cylindrical base
SXT  Supreme expansion technology (accuracy + uniform expansion)
Tetryl   Trinitrophenylmethylnitramine. Color : yellow crystalline material (6050 to 7850 m/s)
TD TNT + dinitronaphtalene
TDU   TNT + spotting charge
TIN    Super clean NT (small caliber)  no lead Non Toxic (training)
TH  Thermite, incendiary chemical agent ( 73% oxyde ferric + 27 % granulor Aluminium )
  reach 2500 degrees
THV Tres Haute Vitesse (very high velocity)
TNT       Explosive – Trinitrotoluene (6800 m/s)
Tolite Explosive – TNT . Color : light brown.
TOW     (missiles) Tube launched, Optical tracked, Wire guided
TRACER Chemical composition used to mark the trajectory of a projectile
TS Explosive – TNT sulfite
TSQ  Time and Super Quick ( Fuse )
U Uranium
U In USSR designation Upravlyaemyi (Guided)
U Unitaryi (Unitary)
U Usovershenstvovannyi (Improved)
In USSR designation  Vystrel (Round)
VT   Proximity fuze, Variable time
WC      Wad cutter (small caliber) cylindrical bullet
WP White phosphorus
WT Wait time