AC or HCN – (Hydrogen cyanide or hydrocyanic acid)
Formula : HCN
Description :  Powder or aerosol lighter than air affects the respiratory system. 
                        Interfere in transfer of oxygen to the tissues.
                        Moderate skin and eyes toxicity.
                        State: liquid or Powder
                        Odor : Similar to peach kernels or bitter almonds or mazipan
                        Color :  Colorless to pale blue when concentrated
                        Type : Blood agent
                        Persistency: Short, highly volatile, up to 1 hour. Vapor is explosive.
                        Density: 0.93
                        Decomposition point: about 66° C
                        Remark : Zyklon B (powder form of AC) has been used in 
                                          extermination camps in Germany until 1944
Symptoms : Stimulation of the breathing rate. In case of lethal dosage unconsciousness.
                         before the death occurs in 2-15 minutes.
                         Systemic poisoning may not become apparent for days.
Detection : Test paper M8 and M9 will not detect HCN, use chemical agent 
                       detectors as CAM,M18A2, M256Drager tubes and M272 kit for
                       AC in water.
Protection : Mask and respirator in open areas. Protective clothes if liquid
                         is present or in confined areas.
First aid : Aeration, glucose can be used as antidote.