Blister Mustard Agents
Description :  Liquid or vapor that affects eyes, nose, throat, lungs and skin, 
                       Odorless (except for Mustard agent)
                       Little or no pain produced, except for L or CX, on skin
                       contact (weal) produce inflammation, blister and tissue
                       destruction. Long duration of effect.
Types : Yperites :  H (Mustard)
                              HD (Distilled Mustard)
                              HL (Mustard-Lewisite)
                              HN-1   HN-2   HN-3  (Nitrogen Mustard)
                              HT ( Mustard – T)
             Lewisite and caustic arsines :    L (Lewisite)
                              ED (Ethyldicloroarsine)
                              MD (Methyl dicloroarsine)
                              PD ( Phenyldichloroarsine)
             Halogenated Oximes : CX (Phosgene oximes)
Industrial uses : Antioxidant
                            Dyes, Inks
                            Plastics manufacture
Action : – For Blister agents Decontamination
                 Eyes –  clean the eyes with distilled water or a solution of NaCl
                             or sodium bicarbonate.
                 Skin – eliminate the chemical, use the powder glove, wash locally
                            with a solution of permanganate (2/1000)
Treatment : – For Yperites and Lewistes
                       Use TRONOTHANE baume on the skin
                       Use Antibiotics and anaesthetics (COLLYRE)
                       Use sterile bandages
                        In case of Pulmonary Oedema use Corticoid and place
                        an Endotracheal intubation.
                        For Oximes
                        Clean with sodium bicarbonate solution 22g/l 
                        Same treatment than burns.