March 29, 2013 BLU
 001     9M235             AO-1CЧ           AO-2.5                 AT2 BLG 66        BLU 61            BLU 63            BLU 73  Read More
Nerves & ‘V’ Agent
Description :  Liquid more or less volatile and viscous, has a low rate                       of hydrolysis.Nerves agents are colorless, light yellow to light brownOdorles Read More
C W SChemical nameClassification PersistencyUsageACHCN or Hydrocyanic acid Blood  ShortAGENTArsenical, Blister, Blood, Chocking, Smoke Incapacitating, Lachrymator, Nerves,  Vomi Read More
Chemical name  Formula  Usage Color OdorAcetylene C2H2 Cutting, Welding colorless FlamableAmmonia NH3 Fertilizer, refrigerant colorlessPungentArgon Ar Welding Read More
Explosives Russian & CIS Symbols
Russian & CIS Symbols  Name or symbol Chemical name Aspect Usage A  (Amatol) 100 % ammonium nitrate A-40  (Amatol) 40 % ammonium nitrate +  60 % TNT AT-40  (Ama Read More
Explosives Initiater & Primer
 Name or symbol    Chemical name     Aspect   Usage DDNP Diazodinitrophenol Greenish yellow tobrown powder Primer and detonators Lead azide    17500 ft/s White to Read More
Explosive Black Powder
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Black powder Originally : mixture of Potassium nitrate + charcoal + sulfur Standard  : 74 % Potassium nitrate + 15,6 %  Charcoal + 10,4 % Sulfur Military   : 72 % Sodium Nitrate + 1 Read More
cyrillic Alphabet
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 Latin Cyrillic Latin Cyrillic Latin Cyrillic A B Ch D E E Ye F G I K  А     а Б     б Ч    ч Д     д Э    э Read More
A – Z Glossary
March 25, 2013 A to Z
+P                   High pressure loaded (small caliber)AMRAAM  Advance Medium Range Air-Air MissileAngström  10-10 MeterACP              Automatic Colt PistolAction  Read More
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ARABIC  ALPHABETLatin    Arabic                                              Latin     Arabic                                     Latin    ArabicA Read More
Rocket 40 HEAT
March 16, 2013 Weapons
Type : Anti/Tank Country : China     Total Weight : 2,25 kg              Diam :  8,5 cmLength : 64,0 cm     Body : Aluminum                    Read More