Blood Agents
Description :  Agent absorbed primarily by breathing, prevent the normal 
                        transfer of oxygen from the blood to the tissue by acting on the
                        enzyme Cytochrome – oxidase.
Types :  Cyanohydrins acid
                     AC (Hydrogen cyanide acid) or HCN
                     CK or 4B ( Cyanogens chloride )
                     SA (Arsine)
Symptoms : Serious intoxication
                     “Metallic” taste
                     Stimulation of the breathing rate, vertigo, weakness, nausea and
                     vomiting, dilated pupils, fall with contractions.
                     Asphyxia with paralysis and coma. Stop of contractions and
                     hart failure after a few moments.                    
                     In one minute the body is stiffen up and the head in hyperextension,
                     Arms extended, the patient  stop breathing.
Action : Can be saved if the hart is still beating.
              Artificial ventilation with insufflating apparatus associated to
              250 ml of solute de glucose 10% per intravenous, injection of
              2 ampoules of EDTA dicobaltic: let drop quickly 150 ml  of serum
              glucose and after slow down the perfusion.