CG Phosgene  –  Carbonil Chloride
Formula :  COCL2
Description :  Vapor than gas not easily hydrolyzed, drain by water, 
                        it destroys heavy vegetation, jungle and forests.
                        Odor : New mown ay or grass, green corn, wood
                        Color : Whitish vapor than colorless gas
                        Type : Chocking agent
                        Persistency: Short but may persist in low places with calm 
                                                   or low wind or atmospheric inversion.
                        Density: 1.373
                        Decomposition point: 800° C
Symptoms : Affect lungs by causing watery fluid that leads to death within
                         24 hours full effect appears after 3 to 4 hours.
                         Can recover in case of small amount .
Protection : Mask and respirator
First-Aid : Fresh air and oxygen