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C W S Chemical name Classification  Persistency Usage
AC HCN or Hydrocyanic acid  Blood   Short
AGENT Arsenical, Blister, Blood, Chocking, Smoke Incapacitating, Lachrymator, NervesVomiting.
A4 S-2-diisopropylaminoethylmethylphosphonotioate VX Nerves Short
BA Bromacetone  CH3COCH2BR Lachrymator  7 days Riot agent
BBC Bromobenzylcyanide Lachrymator liquid 2/3 days Riot agent
BZ Benactyzine Incapacity several days
CA Brombensyl Cyanide                    C6H5CHBrCN Lachrymator several weeks Riot  agent
CG Carbonyl chloride or Phosgene Chocking Short
CK Cyanogen Chloride Blood Short
Cl Clorine Chocking Short
CN Chloroacetophenone & Chloroform     C6H5COCH2Cl Lachrymator several weeks Riot agent
CNB Chloroacetophenone & benzene & carbon tetrachloride Lachrymator short Riot agent
CNC Chloroacetophenone Lachrymator short Riot agent
CN-DM Chloroacetophenone  & diphenylamine chloroarsine Vomiting Arsenical Riot agent
CNS cloroacetophenone & chloropicrin & chloroform Lachrymator Riot agent
CR Dibenzoxazepine Lachrymator several hours Riot agent
CS O-Chlorobenzolmalonitrile Lachrymator several hours Riot Agent
CX Phosgene Oxime Blister
DA Diphenylchloroarsine Vomiting Arsenical Short Riot Agent
DB Dinitrobenzole
DC Diphenylcyanoarsine Vomiting Arsenical Riot Agent
DM Diphenylaminochloroarsine (Phenarsazine chloride) Adamsite Vomiting Arsenical Short Riot agent
DP Trichloromethyl chloroformate or Diphosgene Chocking Short
DU see Uranium
ED Ethyldichloroarsine Blister arsenical
FM Titanium tetrachloride Smoke  10 min Screening
FS Sulfur trioxide (Chlorsulphonicacid mixture) Smoke Screening
GA Ethyl-n-dimethylphosphoramidecyanidate   Tabun Nerves 1 – 2 days (weather) Deadly agent
GB Methylisopropoxyfluorphosphine oxide  Sarin Nerves 1 – 2 days (weather) Deadly agent
GD Pinacolylmethylphosphonofluoridate           Soman Nerves 1 – 2 days (weather) Deadly agent
GE Ethyl Sarin Precursor
GF Cyclohexylmethylphosphonofluoridate       CMPF Nerves
  H    2,2’dichlorodiethylsulfide  Levinstein Mustard Blister Casualty
HC Hexachloroethane Smoke  No Screening
HCN Hydrogen Cyanide (see AC) Blood Short Deadly agent
HD 2,2 dichloro diethylsulfide    Distilled mustard Blister Casualty
HL Mustard-Lewisite mixture    (Garlic odor) Blister arsenical Casualty
HN-1 2,2’dichloro-triethylamine    Nitrogen Mustard Blister
HN-2 2,2 dichloro-diethyl methylamine Blister
HN-3 2,2″-trichloro-triethylamine or triethanolamine Precursor Blister
HT Mixture of 60% HD and 40% T
IRFNA Inhibited Red Fuming Nitric Acid Oxidizer Propellant
  L    Dichloro-dichlorovinylarsine      Lewisite Blister arsenical Casualty
MR Simulated Mustard Miscellaneous short Training
MD Methyldichloroarsine Blister arsenical Casualty
Mg Magnesium Illuminating
OC Oleoresin Capsilum (Cayenne pepper) Lachrymator  Riot agent
PD Phenyldichloroarsine Blister arsenical Casualty
PFIB Perfluoroisobutene Chocking
PS Chloropicrin Vomoting long lasting Riot agent
PWP WP mixed in thick ended and gelled Xylene rubber mixture Smoke / Incendiary Screening
QL Aminoethyl methylphosphonate Precursor
RP Red Phosphorus Smoke / incendiary Screening
SA Arsine Blood
T Sulfur and chlorine compound (clear yellowish liquid similar to HD precursor Mixture HT
Th Thermites
U Uranium Radioactive
VE Nerves
VG Nerves
VS Nerves
VX S-2-diisopropylaminoethylmethylphosphonortioate A4 Nerves Deadly agent
WP White Phosphorus Smoke screening
Zyklon   B See HNC or AC Blood Deadly agent