DM   Diphenyllaminochloroarsine
Formula : C6H4(AsCl)(NH)C6H4)
Description :  Aerosol known also as Adamsite or phenarsazinechloride.
                       State: Gas
                       Odor : Odorless
                       Color :  Yellow or green crystals
                       Type : Vomiting agent.
                       Persistency: Short.
                       Density: 1.65
                       Decomposition point: Above 195° C
Symptoms :  Irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes, runny nose,
                         sneezing and coughing, severe headache, pain and tightness
                          in the chest, nausea and  vomiting. Effects develop slower than DA.
                         Last  30 minutes to several hours. 
Protection : Mask and respirator in open areas. 
                         Additional protective clothes if present in confined or closed areas.
First aid : Fresh air and oxygen.