ED –  Ethyldichloroarsine    
Formula :  C2H6AsCl2
Description :  Aerosol irritating the skin and causing injury to the lungs.  
                       German name : Dick.
                       State: Liquid or gas
                       Odor :  Slight fruity  (irritate or bite before an odor is detected)
                       Color :   
                       Type : Blister Arsenical
                       Persistency:Short, up to 12 hours.
                       Density: 1.66
                       Decomposition point: 156° C
Symptoms : Vesicant powerful sternutator, can causes fingers paralysis. 
Protection : Mask and respirator
                         Full clothing protection
First-Aid : Wash the contaminated parts with soap and water.
                      Use mydriatics and antibiotics.
                      Treat as a burn after removing the agent