H – Levinstein Mustard
Formula : (CH2ClCH2)2S
Description :  Volatile liquid.
                        State: Liquid
                        Odor :  Garlic.
                        Color : Dark brown when liquid, colorless as gas.
                        Type : Blister Mustard agent
                        Persistency: Depend of the weather, from 2 – 3 days to
                                                   one week or more in cold conditions
                        Decomposition point:
Symptoms : Appear after 4 to 6 hours with eyes inflammation, followed by
                        erythema and blistering or ulceration. Necrotic tissue acts as
                        good medium for bacteria growth. Chest pain, wheezing,
                       frothy sputum
Protection : Mask and respirator, full protective clothes.
First-Aid : Wash the contaminated parts.
                      Use Mydriatics and antibiotics.
                      Treat blisters as per burns.