HD – Distilled Mustard   (2,2-dichloro-diethyl-sulfide)
Formula :  Cl(CH2)2S(CH2)2Cl
Description :  Purified by washing and vacuum distillation of H.
                       More stable than  H. 
                        State: Liquid or gas
                        Odor :  Garlic or Mustard radish
                        Color :  Colorless or straw-yellow
                        Type : Blister Mustard
                        Persistency: Liquid may last several days, 
                                                   up to one month in cold conditions
                        Density: 1.27
                        Decomposition point: Start 149° C
Symptoms : Appear after 4  to 6 hours, Latent periods can occur from 
                        24 hours to 12 days. First, it is a cells irritant, the local action 
                        is eye inflammation, redness of the skin followed by blistering
                        and ulceration, inflammation of  the respiratory system.
                        Injuries infection makes blood vessels incapable of carrying out 
                        their repair function.
Protection : Mask and respirator
                         Full clothing prorection
First-Aid : Wash the contaminated parts with soap and water.
                      Use mydriatics and antibiotics.
                      Treat as a burn after removing the agent