HN-2 – 2,2 dichloro-N-methylethylamine
Formula :  (ClCH2CH2)2NCH3
Description :  Called Nitrogen Mustard 2
                        State: Liquid, gas
                        Odor : Faint odor of herring
                        Color : Oily colorless liquid.
                        Type : Blister Nitrogen Mustard
                        Persistency: Liquid may last 1 day, 
                                                   4 or days in cold conditions
                                                  HN-2 polymerizeds on its own accord
                        Density: 1.15
                        Decomposition point: below 75° C, polymerized components will
                         develop an explosion hazard in open air
Symptoms : Attacks the respiratory tract and may cause eye permanent injury
                         or  blindness.
                        Highly toxic, it has the greatest immediate effect on the eyes
Protection : Mask and respirator
                    Full clothing prorection against hazards of liquid mist and heavy vapor.
First-Aid : Wash the contaminated parts with soap and water.
                      Use mydriatics and antibiotics.
                      Treat as a burn after removing the agent