HT Mustard T
Formula :  
Description :   Mixture of 60% HD and 40% T (sulfur and chlorine mixture). 
                        State: Liquid  
                        Odor :  Garlic similar to H.
                        Color : Clear – yellowish liquid
                        Type : Blister Mustard agent
                        Persistency: effectiveness more than HD 
                        Decomposition point:  
Symptoms : Produces a redness of the skin followed by blistering and  
                    ulceration, inflammation of  the respiratory system.
                    Injuries infection makes blood vessels incapable of carrying 
                    out their repair function.
Protection : Mask and respirator, full protective clothes.
First-Aid : Wash the contaminated parts.
                 Use Mydriatics and antibiotics.
                 Treat blisters as per burns.