IRFNA Inhibited Red Fuming Nitric Acid
Formula :  
Description : Liquid agent used as oxidizer, combine with fuel it creates a rocket or  
                             missile propellant.
                  State : Liquid or vapor
                        Odor : Acrid, pungent
                        Color :  Yellow, red-brown
                        Type :  Oxidizer agent with blister effects 
                        Persistency: Short 
                        Remark : It can contaminate by several ways : 
                                          During flight the unburned vapor create a yellow-reddish cloud.
                                          On impact, the remaining fuel oxidizer is spread.
                                          If the missile is destroyed in flight, the liquid is vaporized in the air.
                                          Vapors can evaporate from opened empty storage containers.
                        Density :  1.34
                        Decomposition Point :  Above 280 C
Symptoms :  No skin or eyes toxicity.   
                        Light exposure causes headache, uneasiness, increased exposure 
                        causes chills, nausea and vomiting, severe exposure causes blood 
                        damages causing amnesia. 
Protection : Mask and respirator
First-aid : Aeration.