L – Lewisite  (Dichloro – 2(chlorovinyl) arsine) 
Formula :   ClCHCHAsCl2
Description : Dark brown liquid that evaporates to a colorless gas.
                      It act as an arsenical poison.
                      Odor : Geraniums
                      Color : See before
                      State : Liquid
                      Type : Blister and chocking  agent.
                      Persistency: Food and water are permanently unusable
                                          Can be neutralized by bleach, DANC solution
                                          or an alcoholic solution of caustic soda.
                      Density:  1.89
                      Decomposition point: Above 100° C
Symptoms : Affect the lungs, Headache, coughs, sub-sternum pains,
                        dyspnoea and fever within the first hour,
                        become worse after 6 to 8 hours.
                        Pulmonary oedema can cause death after 8 to 48 hours.
                       A few minutes of exposure can cause influenza-type disabling ailments.
Protection : Protective mask and clothes are necessary.
First-Aid :   Wash the contaminated parts
                   Use mydriatics and antibiotics.
                   Treat as burn.