MD –  Methyldichloroarsine  
Formula :   CH3A8Cl2
Description :  Aerosol irritating the skin and causing injury to the lungs.
                        Toxicity : The hydrolysis product is poisonous if it is swallowed.
                        Odor : NO (irritate or bite before an odor is detected)
                        Color :  
                        State : Liquid
                        Type : Blister arsenical agent
                        Persistency: 2 to 3 hours.
                                             Can be neutralized by bleach, DANC solution 
                                             or an alcoholic solution of caustic soda.
                        Density: 1.836
                        Decomposition point:  133° C 
Symptoms : Skin vesicant, causes asthma, dyspnea and lung injury.
Protection : Protective mask and clothes are necessary. 
First-Aid :   Wash the skin with soap and water, than with sodium hydroxide 5%,
                   wash eyes with boric acid. 
                   Use mydriatics and antibiotics.
                   Treat as burn.