Nerves & ‘V’ Agent

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Description :  Liquid more or less volatile and viscous, has a low rate                       of hydrolysis.

Nerves agents are colorless, light yellow to light brown

Odorless when pure or light odor of paint.

Can go thru normal clothes and latex gloves.

Use butyl gloves and NBC clothes.       

Types : Anticholinesterasiques                    GA (Tabun)

                    GB (Sarin)

                    GD (Soman) and thicked Soman


                    VX or A4 including  VE, VG and VS

Symptoms :They depends of the way of intoxication.                   Light intoxications : Running nose, tightness of the chest,

dimness of vision and pin-pointing of eye pupils, myosis and

headache, excessive sweating, nausea, cramps and involuntary

defecation, drowsiness.

Serious intoxication : Same than above followed by twitching,

jerking and staggering, headache, confusion, coma, convulsion

followed by halt of breath and dead.

Treatment : Immediately :                      Injection intra-muscle of 2 mg of ATROPINE by means of

special syringe. this injection can be renewed every 10 to 15

minutes until the end of the 2 doses immediately available until

the arrival of the medical team.

Decontamination of the skin with a special powder or glove.

At arrival of the medical team or in the medical center : 

                     BREATHING ASSISTANCE, with artificial ventilation

(manual or automatic with aspiration).

Continue 200 mg of ATROPINE, do not use ATROPINE

more than 24 hours.

Injection of 400 mg of CONTRATHION renew after a half

hour followed by 200 mg every 4 to 6 hours.

Injection of 10 mg of VALIUM (R). do not mix with other

medicine during injection. do not stop the CONTRATHION.

                     Decontamination of the skin with a special powder.

DO NOT : Stop the breathing assistance                   Hesitate to use high doses of ATROPINE

Hesitate to use CONTRATHION

Loose time ( Inject ATROPINE thru the clothes)

                   Use BARBITURICS