PD  – Phenyldichloroarsine
Formula :  C8H5AsCl2
Description :  Very toxic liquid 
                        State: Liquid
                        Odor :  
                        Color :  
                        Type : Blister Arsenical
                        Persistency: Remain up to 1 day ,
                                                   several days in cool dry area
                                                   Very short in wet , humid places.
                        Density: 1.65
                        Decomposition point: About 252° C
Symptoms : Very toxic, about 90% od blisters decompose by wet clothing.
                          sting the eyes and causespermanent  corneal damages.
Protection : Mask and respirator
                         Full clothing prorection
First-Aid : Wash the contaminated parts with soap and water.
                      than sodium hydroxide 5%,
                      wash eyes with boric acid.
                      Use mydriatics and antibiotics.
                      Treat as a burn after removing the agent