PFIB – Perfluoroisobutene
Formula : C4F8
Description :  Produce when polytetrafluorethene (PTFE) is pyrolyzed.
                        Know as “Polymer fever”.
                        No know skin and eyes toxicity.
                        State : Gas
                        Odor : no
                        Color : no
                        Type : Chocking agent
                        Persistency:  Up tp 1 week
                        Density: 8.2
                        Decomposition point: 500° – 800° C
Symptoms : Affect the lungs, Headache, coughs, sub-sternum pains,
                        dyspnoea and fever within the first hour,
                        become worse after 6 to 8 hours.
                        Pulmonary oedema can cause death after 8 to 48 hours.
                       A few minutes of exposure can cause influenza-type disabling ailments. 
Protection :  Mask and respiratory apparatus
First-Aid :  Ventilation and humidified oxygen