SA – Arsenic trihydride, arsine
Formula : AsH3
Description : Poisonous flammable gas, solid with water.  
                      Interfere in transfer of oxygen to the tissues. 
                      State : Gas
                      Odor : Garlic
                      Color :  Colorless liquid or gas
                      Type :  Blood  agent
                      Persistency: Short but may persist in jungle or forest under 
                                        suitable  weather conditions
                      Density :  1.34
                      Decomposition Point :  Above 280° C
Symptoms :  No skin or eyes toxicity.   
                     Light exposure causes headache, uneasiness, increased exposure 
                     causes chills, nausea and vomiting, severe exposure causes blood 
                     damages causing amnesia. 
Protection : Mask and respirator
First-aid : Aeration.