VX (Ethyl S-2 diisopropylaminoethylmethylphosphonothioate)
Formula : (C2H5O)(CH3)(O)-(P)SCH2CH2N-[CH(CH3)2]2
Description :  Liquid that gives a very vapor which toxicity is twice as high
                        as GA, causes difficult vision in dim light.
                        Not toxic to skin tissue but it will penetrate th skin.
                        Scrapes and cuts or fresh shaved skin will be entry points.
                        Odor None 
                        Color : Colorless Liquid
                        Type Nerve  agent
                        Persistency: highly persistant
                                                   May last several weeks in temperate climates
                        Density : 1.008
                        Decomposition Point : 150° C for 72 hours
                                                        200° C for 3.2 hours
                                                        250° C for 8 minutes
                                                        295° C for 72 seconds
Symptoms : Immediate neurological desensitivity of the eye.
Protection : Mask and respirator, full protective clothing in all time.
First-aid : Oxime and Atropine injection,
                    Artificial respiration
                   Wash contaminated parts with soap and water.